For Hospitals, Clinics and Physician Practices We Offer:

A high quality, quick turn around and superior value Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring EKG interpretation service with unmatched customer service

State-of-the-art Cloud based technology

A single platform for managing all the Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring Studies - Holter, AECG, CEM and MCT

FDA Approved Arrhythmia Detection Algorithm Integration

Artificial Intelligence - AI

Ability to manage thousands of Patient Studies

Easy Patient Enrollment and Start of Study Process

Near Realtime access to Study information

Multi-Device type Management & Tracking

User Creation and Data Access Control of thousands of users across multiple locations

Ability for the Physician to review and e-sign reports

EHR/EMR Integration

How It Works

A Unique patient focused team that cares to make a difference


CardiacIntel's team is selected not only for their depth of skill and experience, but also for their commitment to delivering quality at all levels.

A minimum of five years experience in healthcare ensures the highest levels of quality assurance.


In the dynamic healthcare service market segment, change has become the only constant.

Our entrepreneurial spirit – backed by solid technological platforms and rigorous accountability – helps us deliver unprecedented patient care.


Our team embodies efficiency, dedication and a straightforward get-it-done attitude that is rare.

Thanks to these values, our clients find that we are more than just a service provider; we collaborate as partners.


We maintain the highest level of integrity in all our relationships and interactions. We are known for providing the highest security for data, HIPAA compliance and a robust protocol for security measures.

This essential quality is a key factor in the stellar relationships we enjoy in the industry.

Why Us

Customer Service

We care about you and your customers and know that when you need help, it's important to get that help right away. CardiacIntel's experienced and trained customer support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure complete satisfaction. When you call you will reach a real person with one click, not an IVR that takes you a long time to get through.

Security And Compliance

Our servers are equipped with 1028-bit encryption, ensuring the highest security for data in transit and at rest. We take customer privacy very seriously and will not provide Protected Health Information (PHI) to anyone other than the provider and their authorized agents, including staff managing the medical records. Our servers are hosted on HIPAA compliant Amazon cloud infrastructure.

Best-in-class user experience

CardiacCloud AI is designed with the unique needs of different users in mind, whether it be Hospitals, Clinics, or Physician Practices. It functions intuitively and intelligently, predicting what you need to do and eliminating what you don’t, all in fractions of seconds.

Attention To Detail

We help you to build your personal team of trusted and familiar certified cardiac technicians and account coordinators that understand the requirement of each one of your providers. We understand how important it is to have accurate and reliable reports. We work to get it right and are committed to improving constantly.

Speed And Reliability

CardiacIntel understands that turn-around time is extremely important for all hospitals, clinics and physician practices. Our standard, default turnaround time for Holters is the next business day. For urgent situations, we also offer a four-hour STAT service. For Mobile Cardiac Telemetry and Cardiac Event Monitoring, our certified cardiac technicians communicate with the physician's team within hours of an event meeting the notification criteria.

Global access anytime anywhere

The landscape of healthcare delivery is changing. Patients, providers and services are no longer limited by time or location. Our comprehensive cloud-based cardiac data management solution lets you claim your place in the new landscape with confidence.


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